Said ruefully when no one gets the joke.
No one understands that Shakespeare is just Edwardian Cinemax? Well, I'm a writer.
by JormanThoad November 13, 2018
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When you have to apologize but you don't actually care about the situation
Friend : Dude why didn't you tell me about the party yesterday ?
You : Well I'm Sorry
Friend : Whatever...
by somerangomguy1234ok October 25, 2015
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An expression of surprise on discovering that something improbable is in fact true
Hearing that I'd passed the exam, my mother exclaimed: "Well, I'm a Dutchman's uncle!"
by Genuine Dutch Uncle May 15, 2016
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A phrase that is never used literally, but rather is always a response to someone's laughing or poking fun at a problem the person has reason to be seriously concerned about. Sometimes this reproach is, itself, used in a half-amused, bantering way.
"The doctor said that I tested negative for cervical cancer, so I won't be at risk of infertility after all."
"Good to hear that it didn't render your reproductive organs totally out of cervix."
"Well, I'm glad you find this so amusing."
by Tochterlieber December 9, 2013
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Is it of necessity for me to be in SILICON VALLEY without even a WAFER to chew on.
The untouchable ANAL ALAN has arrived so close to AARON that a FACEBOOK kick in the ASSHOLE WELL I'M HERE IN ZUCKERLAND as not a SOUL inside there, the GOOGLEPLEX right now cold , indescribable loneliness and little resources as you may say,,,chased out of even LAS VEGAS. as it got too too SPITEFUL and even dangerous.
by PEDOPHILE SANDBOX August 21, 2021
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