Letting women know what your "packing" with by saying you us only the Golden wrapped magnums.
Hey Yo Shawty... I got that golden ticket!
by foxtrot_gumbo December 10, 2007
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When someone has consumed alot of alcohol and goes to bed with his or her partner. The next morning they awaken to find themselves butt naked with no blanket and there partner nowhere to be found. Come to find out they urinated all overthemselves and their partner in there sleep.
Mike: What wrong with Sally today?

John: Apparently Derek gave her the golden ticket last night.

Mike: Guess that explains the smell...
by Tommy Rosenbalm April 24, 2010
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The ultimate gift a certain nurb will give you if you are extremely lucky, the golden ticket is used to gain access to Mandyland the ideal fantasy.
Nurb: "Danza, you did not receive the golden ticket! Get out of Mandyland you fool!!!"

Danza: "But I forgot my golf clubs at Mulligans? What am I supposed to do??"
by kimbolesbo1 August 25, 2010
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Your period.

When you think it's near that time of the month and you peel back your panties with that feeling of suspense and anticipation and then realise you have your period, then you've 'got the Golden Ticket'. It's kind of like the menstrual equivalent of Charlie peeling back the chocolate wrapper and finding a golden ticket in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, except slightly less exciting for the ticketee.
by Lucinda August 12, 2005
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A case of Miller Genuine Draft or a single MGD or MGD light refered to as golden ticket because of the all gold beer cans like how coors light is referred to as silver bullets MGD is reffered to as golden tickets
what should we get a 30 brick of silver bullets or golden tickets?
by MASTERBLASTER Big D money November 23, 2010
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