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when you cum somewhere that isn’t inside your partner and your partner plays with the cum. either licking it up or swirling their tongue around in it.
I came on my stomach and he licked it up afterward, some of the best cum play we’ve had so far”
by lesbiansandgays May 16, 2018
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when you ejaculate over your partner after sex and they play with your cum by rubbing it over their tits or their ass or something
I pulled out and blew my load over Sara's belly... she rubbed it all over her nipples with some good cumplay
by da wrong dooerflgflgkbjlfkgbml September 11, 2018
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Is when a woman cums, puts it in her mouth by a spoon and spits it into a man's penis through a coffee stir stick.
My boyfriend and I love cum play
by cum play girl July 18, 2014
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