The 20 brass casings that drop to the ground after firing an entire 20-round magazine of a fully-automatic VZ-61 Škorpion submachine gun. The approximately 900 rounds per minute fire rate allows the magazine to be emptied well before the first casing hits the ground, meaning you can hear the entire Czech Golden Shower.
"You will finish the entire mag a good half second before the first piece of brass hits the ground, which gives it a very unique sound. It's like the 'Czech Golden Shower'." - Brandon Herrera
by h529 November 17, 2022
When you get showered in hot brass from a VZ-61 submachine gun.
The VZ-61 fires so fast, it gave me a Czech golden shower.
by stripes1331 November 17, 2022
When a VZ-61 Skorpion fires a 20-round magazine empties before any of the brass hits the ground.
Defined by Brandon Herrera in his video about the said weapon.
"It's like the Czech Golden Shower. I'm not sure if that's on Urban Dictionary, but I'm sure it's not my description."
-Brandon Herrera, in his video on the VZ-61 Skorpion
by FirewreackerNik4 November 17, 2022
After finishing on a person’s face, you piss on them to clean it off
Person 1: “Damn, Amy is in to Golden Baby Showers!” It was kinda gross…”

Person 2: “Wtf bro why you gotta share that at lunch!”
by IGottaPhDtoBloeShtUp October 15, 2022
Golden lightning shower: the act of urinating on someone while simultaneously zapping them with a taser.
After my golden lightning shower i smelled like hot piss and burnt popcorn!
by Irishbackrub June 1, 2018
GOLDEN LIGHTNING SHOWER: Pissing on a person while intermittently zaping them with a taser.
That German girl nearly set my hair on fire with that golden lightning shower.
by Irishbackrub June 1, 2018
The nickname for the incredibly high fire rate of the VZ-61 Skorpion.
You here about Ivan? The KGB heard him dissenting against the Kremlin and hit him with the Czechoslovakian golden shower.
by Theleafdemon November 18, 2022