Someone who acts like a caveman or Neanderthal.
Kris: *Bangs on Chest*
Brandon: What are you, an Unga?
by toboUD April 22, 2019
The substitute for any goddamn verb or noun, also its used for the substitute if you have no idea what to say.
Woman: did you hear, she is dating him?
Man: speechless* Unga
by Darkunicorn7075 August 8, 2019
A secret language created by and for the "Castro Kids" of San Francisco, California (circa 2000) to facilitate anonymity whilst conversing in public places or around people you'd prefer not understand your conversation. Frequently also used in public spaces to illicit confusion, curiosity, and generalized bewilderment within the faces of nearby strangers.
Girl, did you see their faces on the train when we suddenly starting talking in Unga? That leather-daddy started looking like he was all constipated and shit!
by Sister Dharma Gettin' January 27, 2015
When you need to open up the throat muscles so you don't choke, you say "unga, unga" and it makes things go down.
If you choke I'm a Doritos, say, "unga unga."
by King Auz November 17, 2018
The most handsome Polynesian , this person can also make friends easily. This person is smart, friendly . He's also really good at sports . He can be annoying at times too .
Unga is Awesome.
by Unknown 777 March 14, 2017
This phrase is a sendup of a song or art ruined by something totally unnecessary, ala the song "hooked on a feeling" by Blue Swede.
Just as l was starting to like the song, out comes "unga shoga unga unga!"
by I, Wreckerrr June 4, 2021
Another word for tanga (stupid) or gago (dumb ass) as curse words in the philippines. Used mainly to insult someone who makes blunders often.
Man 1: I forgot the keys, dammit!
Man 2: Ungas ka talaga! (You're a downright stupid!)
by Olander November 7, 2006