4 definitions by whts_Nx

Epic + delicious = Epilicious
No cap bro that cum shot was Epilicious
by whts_Nx June 10, 2020
When you shower your loved one in piss
Lover #1 HONEY I’m home!!!!
Lover #2 Shall I prepare a Golden shower for you dear?
Lover #1 Yes dear
by whts_Nx February 5, 2020
Alia is a Arby’s sandwich pussy ass dwarf with a six head inbred teeth blood vein bulging out that forehead harder than mega mind head ass nigga
Person #1: You see that bitch over there tryna change the subject?
Person #2: Yeah.
Person #1 Bet her names Alia.
by whts_Nx July 22, 2021
The ultimate insult used to insult a bitch nigga

Credit: @ brenjaki on insta
Person: See that nigga over there he’s an Aboogalew
by whts_Nx August 19, 2019