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During the act of sex one partner will urinate into the second partners colon. A veritable "piss enima."

Similiar to Golden Shower
Fred was into many types of fetish play, but his favorite dirty little secret was pulling off a Golden Bath on a "Newbie." He loved introducing new people to his liquid love.
by John Thurmon May 02, 2005
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The act of pissing in the tub for 15 days straight then take your lover blind fold them and proceed to drowned them in it.
by AMRASX August 12, 2008
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Pissing cumulatively in a toilet without flushing for several times and then having your special someone drink it all.
I gave her a golden bath yesterday and it was dope, but someone called the cops on me.
by UnkownWolf May 16, 2018
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