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Have done to you what you would have done to others.

This rule explains how you should only support what you would want to be done to you in the same situation. For example: only support the limiting of speech if you want your speech to be limited.
The Gold-Plated Rule would posit that those who get others banned from social media will be banned from social media.
by The Tastiest July 25, 2019
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A way of distinguishing a terribly argued opinion editorial (op-ed) from just a normal opinion editorial.
The Washington Post put out a hilarious vox-ed about how the second amendment really only refers to muskets and single shot pistols.
by The Tastiest July 25, 2019
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he act of using Urban Dictionary for fact checking the definition of words that were used before the existence of Urban Dictionary.
According to Urban Dictionary journalism, Kavanaugh is obviously lying about the definition of boof, which he and his friends used in the early 1980s, because I read the definition on a website that was created in 1999.
by The Tastiest July 25, 2019
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A tactic in "journalism" used to promote a story as true simply because the writer wants it to be true.
Did you see that New York Times article claiming Trump threatened to invade Mexico? That was some tasty wishcasting.
by The Tastiest July 25, 2019
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