dating someone without constantly breaking up and getting back together. Not really used anymore. It's synoymous with "going out".
Tim and Andrea are going steady.
by Stew Pidasso February 17, 2004
To date someone exclusively and see them on a regular basis. Kids first start "going steady" in middle school.
Jenny and I are going steady.
by Rbd41 February 22, 2011
Exclusively dating a member of the opposite sex for an extended period of time.
Michelle and I have been going steady for about six months now.
by Anonymous February 15, 2004
deciding to start dating someone.
me and alicia are going steady
by Zach B. February 11, 2004
I didn't know you and Milli were going steady?
by nit-pick February 9, 2004
A phrase you're more likely to find in a 17th Century dictionary. and I are going steady.
by Simon Says Go Fuck Yourself February 17, 2004
We goin steady bitch,but im not going to go meet your daddy.
by the tweaker February 18, 2004