What we are never ever ever doing.
We are never ever ever getting back together.
by spaghetti-sweater May 6, 2015
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Basically not dating ,not emotionally attached. but still getting down /sexing and talking
They get back together with his ex
by Jewice November 27, 2016
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what a boys says when he wants you but is breaking up with you because he has to protect his reputaion as a player
him- listen, it'd not working
you- what?
him- yeah, your parents, us not seeing eachother
you- i get it, so we're done?
him- looks that way, are you okay?
you-yep, i think your confused
him- probably, maybe if we have classes together we can get back together.
you-(in you head) i'm in honors classes, we won't have anything together your an idiot.( not in your head) ok bye
by Pricila Moscavitz August 30, 2008
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Getting back together with an Ex-partner or friend includes but is not limited to any sexual activities and forms of relationships.
Mikayla & Ethan (Ex-dating partners) said they wouldn't be Getting Back Together in any way yet Mikayla went to his house and made out with him.
by Pricksville222 October 30, 2023
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