We goin steady bitch,but im not going to go meet your daddy.
by the tweaker February 18, 2004
What happens after flirtation
Jazell ened up pregnant with Tyronne's baby after they started going steady
by Cosmicstargoat February 10, 2004
being able to bang a person pf the opposite or same sex on a regular basis.
Me and my girl are going steady.
by ahab February 11, 2004
When your date sees your dad in his underwear.
Jan asked me if I wanted to go steady and I told him he was a queer.
by Fat Oliver February 18, 2004
when you are in a non-commiting relationship, but are both still there until the next best thing comes along
"we're just going steady" ur gf says this to a better looking guy or a guy to another girl with bigger tits and fuller lips
by mike February 11, 2004
in a relationship where you and your girl/boyfreind have and continue to have sexual relations.
bob and sally are going steady
by David February 12, 2004
a sexual conotation for doing it in ones bedroom closet or confined space within the home of either partners parents
"Lets go steady. I think the closet in my mom's room is free."
by Ankur February 10, 2004