Is the most beautiful person u will ever meet she is so sweet and kind
Is that milli she is soooo pretty
by Ya fav ❤️ December 8, 2018
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One of the most amazing and sweet girls you will ever meet, all she wants to do is have fun! She loves to laugh at her own jokes even if she is the only one who thinks it’s funny. She is very boy obsessed but is very loyal once she meets somebody. Milli is someone you can tell anything to and she is very good at keeping secrets. Milli loves her friends but is scared they don’t love her back even though they do. She is so beautiful and you couldn’t ask for somebody better than her!
Oh there is Milli! She is so sweet I love her!”
by ☀️🤩 March 25, 2019
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That million dollars yall get when yall on the come-up. A milli is mad money, aint nothin to play with.
"Two milli, four milli, nah I need more money."
by It'sSasha April 5, 2015
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for example:My watch cost a milli or i spent a milli on her
by AL"SCARFACE"CAPONE August 7, 2019
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A song by the rapper Lil Wayne. Some people believe the song is saying milli like a million but its really a loop saying im ill (if you take the last i and the first m in the word it gives you im and then ill is left over.
At the begenning of the song it says Im Ill.
(milli is just what word is made when im ill is looped and the voice on its changed.)
by PAYPABOi April 28, 2008
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A totally awesome yet retarded and clumsy person. loved by all.
''omg! a milli!''
''theyre so awesome, i love them!'' ;D
by Ayop ;D April 24, 2009
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Milli is possibly the nicest person you will ever meet and you are loudly to know her
Is that milli. Let’s go say hey
by Fjkkurew11 June 30, 2019
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