the (generally mistaken) notion that a relationship is mutually agreeable
Elmer and Antoinette are going steady.
by roger the fabricator February 17, 2004
A term used in Ireland to describe how serious you are with your girlfriend. If you are "going steady" you do not kiss anyone else. You can also use this to ask someone else to be your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Jimmy: Hey Barry come and make out with this girl.
Barry: I cant I'm going steady.
Jimmy: Oh, why?
Barry: because I want to go steady, dumbass.
Girl: Do you wanna go steady?
Boy: Sure.
by Irish Slangs September 29, 2014
When two people are boyfriend and girlfriend (etc),but do not go on dates(normally for teens/children who can’t drive).They are exclusive to eachother and hang out but do not go on dates.
Steve-“Are they a couple?”
Jill-“Yea, they are going steady till they can drive
by Hdhdbdbzjzbbzvzjzj September 28, 2021