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The "cream of the fight, rising up to meet the challenge of our rivals".
If you've ever been to an American high school basketball game, watched one of the "Rocky" movies (I don't know which one it was), or listened to the radio enough you've probably heard this song playing. (It's by the band Survivor, who appear to have been a one-hit-wonder.) It's all about fighting for your life and your dreams, or something like that.
The "eye of the tiger" can be anything that's a really big challenge that you must overcome to reach the top, or your full potential as a person.
"It's the eye of the tiger it's the cream of the fight/ Rising up to meet the challenge of our rivals"- Survivor, "Eye of the Tiger"
by killerfiller December 3, 2005
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In history, "Marx" is usually synonymous with Karl Marx, the man who along with Fredrich Engels is considered the father of communism. These two men wrote the Communist Manifesto, which laid out the idea of communism, which can really be considered a form of extreme socialism.
Other men, such as Vladimir Lenin, would read the works of Marx and be led to start revolutions and spread communism throughout the world.
In theory, communism could work. However, applied in real life, the dreams of Karl Marx would never fully materialize.
"And while Lenin read a book on Marx, a quartet practiced in the park/ and we sang dirges in the dark, the day the music died."- Don McLean, "American Pie" (the song, not the movie)
by killerfiller December 3, 2005
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1) The National Football Leauge (where "sweaty overpaid millionares" engage in highly athletic activity, yell at each other, then go party after the game and get arrested).
If you want to see REAL football played, complete with rivalries, enthusiastic student fans, and marching bands that kick a$$, watch it at the college level instead.
2)The National Forensic Leauge, which holds organized high school debates. They are, as stated in other entries, primarilly held on Saturdays at a host school and less, and there usually is some overpriced food being sold there. The events often run late and it can take forever to find out who won what. In addition, you tend to be required to dress "nicely" (the definition of this word itself is up for debate).
That said, there are tons of events and really something for anyone interested in speech and debate. Events typically include Policy (both 4 and 2-person), Lincoln-Douglass, Public Forum, Controversial Issue, and myriad Individual Events such as Original Oratory. If you're a drama kid, love to argue, or love the nuances of politics, there's bound to be an event you'll excell in.
Many high school kids are highly dedicated to the oft-overlooked art that is debate. They are willing to put up with sometimes badly organized events, possibly unfair or biased judges, and teams who engage in ridiculous behavior just for the joy that comes from knowing you've owned the other team, coupled with the joy that it will look good on your college applications.
Besides, can the football team use words like "inherency", "solvency", "kritik", "DA", and "counterplan" in normal conversation? Yeah, I didn't think so.
1) They watched NFL Monday Night Football.
2) I competed at a NFL event this Saturday.
by killerfiller December 5, 2005
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1)the word "scene" can refer to anyone who's into a particular type of music, usually emo, screamo, hardcore, metal, maybe indie, or punk of some sort, and the "scene" around it.
It is often used to refer to kids, mostly between the age range of 14 and 24, who listen to these types of music. Stereotypically, these kids have short often dark hair, often chopped up or hanging around their faces. They tend to go to a lot of concerts and listen to their favorite bands a lot. They often listen to small, obscure, or local bands no one else has ever heard of. They may also maintain a myspace where they often will post pictures of themselves. This whole movement used to be counter-culturish but now has become mainstream to a point. Some people tend to make unfair judgements about scene people, and while some of them could very well be jerks the majority of them probably aren't.
2) the culture and group of people surrounding a style of music
1) That kid goes to a lot of concerts. He's definitely scene.
2) The punk rock scene has gotten kinda stale lately. Too many of these bands sound the same.
by killerfiller August 9, 2005
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Restroom avaliable for public use. Found in stores, schools, government buildings, etc. Some are OK, but many smell to high heaven, never have enough toliet paper or soap (heh, so much for sanitation), and (especially in the case of high school bathrooms) have tons of graffiti scrawled everywhere. Also are a good place to find people getting high, throwing up, or just hiding from life.
1) "I had to pee, so I ducked into a public restroom. I wish I'd just gone in the woods or something instead, it was that gross."
by killerfiller December 6, 2005
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1) One of the states of the United States of America.
Home to a bunch of formerly bad but now improving pro sports teams, a ton of colleges, the OSU Buckeyes, actual buckeyes, part of the Rust Belt, Cedar Point and a lot of soybeans, cows, and corn.
Ohio contains a little bit of all the typical Midwestern environments- college towns, suburbs, cities, urban areas trying to reinvent themseles, farmlands, etc. It also contains part of Appalachia, and a large number of "swing voters". It has quite a few ardent liberals and conservatives, and has been the home and/or birthplace of eight presidents. The weather, it being part of the Midwest region, is often "crazy" and swings between hot, mild, cold, and freezing. The four seasons are widely known to be "winter, still winter, almost winter, and construction" or something to that effect (believed to be taken from a Jeff Foxworthy chain email).
There's definitely a lot more there than bad drivers, "hicks", and cows, and just driving through the state does not really do it justice. You've got to experience it to really understand it, and then you can pass judgement.
2) A song written by Neil Young (while he was working with Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young) in response to the Kent State Massacre, which occured at Kent State University in Ohio on May 4, 1970 when National Guardsmen opened fire on student protesters on the KSU campus.
1) "Ohio... the heart of it all"
2) "This summer I hear the drumming,/ Four dead in Ohio."- Neil Young, (Crosby,Stills, Nash, and Young), "Ohio"
by killerfiller March 21, 2006
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The rivarly between Ohio State University and the University of Michigan; one of the fiercest, largest, and greatest rivarlies in college sports, steeped in tradition and known to spawn nothing short of full-scale madness.
This rivarly was intensified by the work of the late Woody Hayes (former OSU coach) and the late Bo Schembechler (former Michigan coach), who left storied legacies behind them.

Current record:
Ohio State University-40 wins
University of Michigan- 57 wins
Ties- 6
How to Identify a Buckeyes fan:
-Bleeds scarlet and grey.
-Wears scarlet and grey.
-Has a shrine to Woody Hayes.
-Can recite whole OSU team roster.
-Constantly refers to "that team up North" or "the evil empire up North".
-Can be seen yelling "O-H" while forming letters over head (to resulting shout of "I-O!"
-Lives for watching the OSU vs. Michigan game.

How to identify a Michigan Fan:
-Bleeds blue and maize.
-Wears blue and maize.
-Will even wear blue and maize in the middle of Columbus on game day.
-Can recite whole Michigan team roster.
-Can be heard yelling "Go Blue!"
-Lives for the OSU vs. Michigan game.
by killerfiller November 19, 2006
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