The biggest city in VA with a pop. of almost a half a million. Lotta military bases so there's a lotta diversity. Crime and gang activity is covered up a lot for the tourists. You'd have to live here to know that though. Half the west side is aight but the other half,( northwest side & bayside), is bad but mad cool. Birthplace of many rappers, singers, and producers. The Green run neighborhood has a bad rep too, and is located in central va beach.
by junior E. Mac August 14, 2008
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Virginia Beach is for hustlers. Place in South Eastern Virginia where you are either white, thug, or asian. The Great Neck area contains mostly upper class white families while the closer u get to Norfolk the darker it gets. We have no downtown and we don't want one. There are a lot of clubs on the boardwalk where the sluttiest girls from around the east coast come and compete on who's the sluttiest. Personally an amazing place to live.
Dave: What are we gonna do today?
Ryan: Surf, drink beer, smoke tree
by Local November 11, 2004
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A decent town to live in. It's mainly suburbs and shopping centers with a filthy beach that is overrun by rude tourists in the summer. There's a bad gang problem that is covered up by the police. Lots of history, and an OK place to live if you get far enough away from the Norfolk border. We speak with a funny Southern accent and it's very diverse due to the many military bases in the area.
Tourist - Virginia Beach is great!

Local - You kidding? This beach is jank and dirty. I don't get why you people like to come here.
by tbontbtitq August 10, 2011
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The largest city in Virginia, situated on the southeast coast. Is famous for its traffic problems, high cost of living and low corresponding wages. Is basically a suburb of Norfolk, VA, dispite being nearly 3 times its size in population. Lacks a fortune 500 company or any real corporate presence at all, a four year public university, light rail or any type of quality public transportation, an airport, a professional sports team, or any other amenities you would actually expect from a city its size.
College Grad- I graduated college and moved from Virginia Beach because I couldnt make over 25k

Mayor Oberndorf- I cant imagine why we have a brain drain, lets lure more tourism in, that will fix it.
by Dudical August 23, 2008
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the Los Angeles of the east coast

had a horrible gang problem in parts of the city back in the 80s and 90s but got better.

East side of the city (the beach) has clubs, huge concert venues, bars, dozens of hotels, LOTS of prostitutes.. the place to be on weekends.

West side of the city borders Norfolk and is controlled by black/mexican gangs and typically not where you want to be.
Lets head out to downtown VA Beach and get hammered
by Randy October 18, 2004
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Decent place to live as long as you stay away from the West part and Norfolk.
lets raise a family in VA Beach
by Nicole October 18, 2004
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