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When someone gets so depressed that they need to go for a damn walk. This walk isn't any kind of walk. Its a walk about sad hours and rethinking life.
Daniel: Kevin you are so damn stupid.
Phillip: Ya Kevin no one likes you.
Kevin: I'm going for a walk...
Daniel and Phillip: Oh shit.
by Definitely not Daniel August 9, 2018
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The last name given to a person who loves to lie. These lies usually are fucking annoying and cancerous. The "Broadhurst" usually likes to steal things too. Broadhursts also like cats and usually seen playing fortnite with his boys.
Broadhurst: Hey Danny
Danny: Ya.
Broadhurst: The test isn't on the body parts.
Danny: Are you sure?
Broadhurst: Ya
*After the test*
Danny: Fucking Broadhurst.
Broadhurst: Wanna play fortnite?
by Definitely not Daniel August 9, 2018
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The guy in your class that looks at stars. ALOT. He doesn't really talk that much but when he does its usually when hes singing. If you give him a fidget spinner he will be very happy and start dancing. One time I gave him one and he tried to spin the spinner on his nose. These people are usually autistic and are usually seen playing basketball.
Daniel: Hey Nelson.
Nelson: Ya?
Daniel: Look.
*Looks at Aaron Jones*
Both: LMAO
by Definitely not Daniel August 9, 2018
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