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In Hebrew and Yiddish means the "people". They use the word in reference to a non-Jewish person. The word meaning could be absolutely neutral or uncomplimentary, depending on the context.
1. Her second husband, very nice man, was a goi.
2. No surprise this goi is favoring Hamas.
by Antinaz November 29, 2010
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Acronym for "Get Over It"
--As used by your mom

G - Get
O - Over
I - It!
Ian -Hey Mom, Why is derek sleeping in your bed?

Ians mom -Oh Ian Goi *rolls eyes*

by MoToast April 03, 2009
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Short for "get over it" or "get ovAr it", the latter being not just a suggestion but a lifestyle.
you: My cat just died. :'(
me: goi
by Baraka June 23, 2004
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1.Shortened version of get over it.
2.Can also be used with same pronounciation for get over youself (goy)
A-I think I'm allergic to that, my airways are swelling up.
B- Goi.

A-I'm so hot don't you wish you were me?
B- Goy.
by Loulourocks April 18, 2007
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Rather than the common misconception of using the term 'lol' when you actually are not laughing out loud, use the term 'goi', which mean 'Giggle On the Inside'.
Jack: And then she said Operation Shadankadonk!

Tony: goi
by CaptJack02 December 12, 2009
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Always lower case. A simple phrase - Get Over It.

Used in any situation.
I don't like you. goi.
Ohh, I hurt your feelings? goi.
Heyy!!! goi.
by theonewhoisrightalways September 04, 2012
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