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A common cheat in shooter video games, allows the player to be invincible.
"I'll godmode that wiener!"
by Biohertz January 30, 2003
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1. A cheat in many video and computer games that typically renders the player invulnerable.

2. In roleplaying, when one player speaks or acts as another player or group of players or causes them to feel or think certain things without their consent, or resolves a situation without input from a game master or moderator.
1. The end boss kept one-hitting him so he turned on god mode and rushed it with his axe.

2. The player was banned after godmoding a combat situation which resulted in another player's death without giving him opportunity to react.
by TaintedMustard September 25, 2004
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A term in gaming that generally means the player has 'godlike' power in the game, for example infinite health or ammo.
by Lewis January 11, 2004
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an individual in the online gaming community who is known for colossally excessive alcohol consumption, unpredictable, erratic behavior, random geysers of vitriolic venom and misplaced hatred for any players or game admins. can never be trusted with server admin under any circumstances. sometimes referred to lovingly as "Modie" - loves de_doomhouse
"lookit, Modie just joined..."
"...fuckin Godmode, get ready for the screams of drunk is he?"
by cosmic.forklift September 16, 2008
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Similar to Rum Dick, "God Mode" is when a guy gets drunk but has "god" like endurance during sex. He cannot be fazed and never tires. Sex usually ends because the girl simply cannot take anymore.
Dude, I was in god mode last night. I banged her for like 3 hours!
by Slaney October 12, 2006
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Verb - the act of abusing and raping little children.

Originates from children naturally being weak and easy to beat and rape...Similar to a "godmode" in a video game
"Hey, I gotta stop by the playground real quick and go godmode for a while."
by Defininator November 09, 2004
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When an individual drinks crown royal and feels as if they can do anything.
Bruh did you see that stream last night? That man went god mode!!
by God mode master September 18, 2017
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