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A nickname for Infinityfree, used mostly when they shut down your website because of false reports.
Person A: How's your new website doing?
Person B: Terrible, Infinityshit shut it down because an idiot reported it.
by Ondrashek06 November 21, 2022
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1. Do your shit
2. Nickname for an asshole that gets people banned for no reason whatsoever.
1. Stop messing around and DYS.
2 Oh yeah, Dys banned me again.
by Ondrashek06 May 24, 2020
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Being blocked from doing an certain action, usually in a game or on a website. Bans can be temporary or permanent.
1. Person: asks question related to game
Admin: Why do you ask?! BANNED PERMANENTLY
2. You cannot chat because you have been banned from the lobby forever. Reason: Absolutely none
by Ondrashek06 May 24, 2020
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1. Really bad games that were made just to make a quick buck.
2. Games that are on sales of like 99% almost all time to appear in the "Best deals" list, and once they racked up enough purchases, they end the sale and the game ends up in the "Best sellers" list, resulting in more purchases.
3. Games that prefer quantity over quality.
4. A port of a FREE mobile game to a console and having it as a paid game on there.
Vroom in the Night Sky is a prime example of shovelware. Who plays that?
by Ondrashek06 May 13, 2020
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1. Person which is intentionally mean to you and targeting you for no reason.
2. Moderator banning you just because you exist.
1. Oh yeah, he is just being an asshole.
2. I got banned by that asshole for no reason again.
by Ondrashek06 May 24, 2020
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Game like Growtopia, also called "PW", but their support and moderation is known to be very poor.
They also made the main currency, World Locks, untradable.
1) A: Hey, have you heard about Jake, the admin of Pixel Worlds?
B: Yeah, he is an asshole.
A: How so?
B: For example, he banned an account for 41 days for swearing, while he said "bullshit" on his livestream.
A: Wow yeah, what an asshole.

2) A: Hey, want to buy the new wings for 50 World Locks in Pixel Worlds?
B: Did you hear that world locks are now untradable?
A: Yeah, just give me the equivalent in the new arbitrary currency they use.
by Ondrashek06 November 8, 2021
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It is a cheat used in video games. While it's mostly obtained through hacking or a cheat code, in online games, admins sometimes have a godmode option in their admin panel.
1: Hey, are you watching the new livestream? There are admins playing!
2: Are they again using godmode to cheat in parkour?
1: Well, yes.
2: Not interested.
by Ondrashek06 November 23, 2021
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