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Taking control of another person's character on a role-playing forum or chatroom. Sometimes done by mistake, when a player believes another player's character was doing something they weren't. Can also be used to refer to using out-of-character knowledge (information the player has that their character shouldn't) to gain an in-character advantage, though this is more accurately described with the term metagaming.

Godmodding and godmoding are often mistaken for being the same word or concept. However, godmoding (or power gaming) is, in fact, a separate concept with its own, distinct meaning.
Player A: Alice calls Bob forward, and the moment he steps forward, the trap is sprung, dropping him into the floor below!
Player B: Hey, that's godmodding, I never said Bob stepped forward!

Player B: Bob carefully steps over the trap as he approaches Alice.
Player A: Bob doesn't know there's a trap there! I call godmodding!
by NettoTakashi January 31, 2011

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