A person you miss who is so good and cute; A place within the mind where all the gobbledygook persons reside
by Aqua de Vita April 19, 2021
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A word that popped up in the back of your head and you randomly typed it up for fun. Unlike you may expect this is a real word! That's right this means language that is meaningless or unintelligible due to the overuse of technical terms.
Friend #1 "wgvtf wyg uhi sdfg"
Friend #2 "dude stop talking gobbledygook"
by Str4wb3rrie April 7, 2022
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When someone watches too much CNN and fake news to the point where they sacrifice their rational thinking and evaluation of information to the point in which they protest shouting gobbledygook information, which has no rationale behind it in most cases, or very little. When asked how so or why you'll usually get told in broad generalities or blatant lies i.e.

Person 1: Fuck trump
person 2: whats bad about trump
person 1: everything
person 2: well if everything is bad then you should easily be able to tell me 3 things
person 1:*walks away*
"Donald trump is worse than hitler" is a very very good example of irrational liberal's gobbledygook rant syndrome, cmmon now 0 people have been subjected to genocide from trump, while hitler subjected 6 million+ people to genocide.

Ben Shapiro is a fascist, is a good example of Antifa's Gobbledygook Rant Syndrome in play.
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