When you are speaking absolutely non-sense. Every word you are using is not English or it is not making any sense.
Brad: bro stop speaking that Gobbledygook I can't understand a word you are saying
by 11guppy11 March 29, 2020
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language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by excessive use of abstruse technical terms; nonsense.
words that sound like speech but that are really gibberish nonsense with no meaning:

John : Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
Mat : Gobbledygook.

John : Gollygoops.
by FlamingoFeed April 8, 2021
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a random word i found on google , 🙂😎🥲😎🥲😎🥲😎😎🥲
“hey sammy wammy double hammy , i just GOBBLEDYGOOKED your sister .”

“what the hel-“ 👱🏿 ♂️
by ayla <3 June 24, 2021
The meaning of Gobbledygook is nonsense, it means nonsense\gibberish.
by ILoveSobaTheDog September 23, 2020
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“Hey you get that Korean turkey at the store today?”

“Yeah, why do you ask, guy?”

“‘Cause we should prepare that gobbledygook. Tomorrow’s thanksgiving and we promised your mentally ill nephew we’d make something ‘ethnic’”
by Gonna eat your ass faggot August 17, 2018
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people say it means “nonsense”, but it obviously is a noise made while giving some good head.
*sucks pp*
the sucker’s mouth: “gobbledy gob gob gobbledygook”
by justineythemeanie August 23, 2020
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