by eners49 January 25, 2017
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wordy and generally unintelligible jargon (nonsense)
He spent all of last week getting clobberfaced and spouting off gobbledygook.
by Bob Baxter January 25, 2004
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A slang term used to describe persons with one oriental parent and one caucasian parent.
Since Chi was only half Korean, she wasn't a full blown Gook, but rather a gobbledygook.
by John Quantum September 7, 2006
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The act of performing oral sex on a person of Asian descent.
I performed some serious gobbledygook at that Pho house on Saturday.
by renton November 13, 2009
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The nonsense that Protestants believe in.
Lutherans don't believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived immaculate. That sounds like a lot of gobbledygook to me.
by GuidoPosse69 February 26, 2005
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Karen: I refuse to wear a face diaper!!!!!!
Person with brain cells: No one asked for your gobbledygook, KAREN 🙃
by Pialinist May 20, 2021
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Person 1: Why are you full of so much gobbledygook!
Person 2: It's what I was born to be full of... :)
by PandaGirl xox May 30, 2016
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