Instant Message or someone who can't be bothered to use an apostraphe for "I'm" (I am).
"some weirdo just imed me"
"im so lazy, man"
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
n. An instant message. IM does not imply the use of either AIM or ICQ.

v. To send someone an instant message.
Did you get my IM?

My sister IMed me last night.
by The Grammar Nazi December 10, 2001
Intramuscular, as in Instramuscular injection of a drug
"Oh shit, Danny is ODing on Heroin...let's take him to the hospital for an IM injection of Naloxone"
by WSB15 February 25, 2006
1. a message that is sent over an online messaging service

2. the act of sending or receiving a message over an internet service
1. I sent an IM to Tommy to tell him about the party.

2. Eugene IM'ed me to tell me about his lame party.
by metman85 October 31, 2005
A name for special ed niggas someone made in our school.
ehab is someone you could call an IM
by xxxsmellysalmonxxx69 January 12, 2020
A program where no-life teens sit two feet from eachother to talk through their computers.
holy hell anna, your sitting two feet from Illiana just stand up and talk like normal people!!!!(IM)
by asdfghjkl;;' March 3, 2006
meaning "istant message", when someone gets an account from a "instant message" company, and add's your screename, and talks to you when theyre bored

*****:hebrew means drugs, i IMmed you

by fljsjflsxfs March 3, 2006