used to describe something.

in skateboarding, something is gnarly if its difficult because its dangerous. things like skating on rough surfaces at high speeds and heights are considered gnarly. see EX1 below.

however, outside of skating it's used as a word to describe good and bad things alike. see EX2.
EX1: i saw this kid trying to nollie feeble that rough 15-set ledge... he ended up wrecking cause of the gravel at the landing and the darkness, but the 5th he nailed it! the whole thing was so gnarly...

EX2: i won the lottery! that's gnarly! yaaaay!
by karl February 27, 2005
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A adjective that expressive a postive while sounding negative.
Similar to asstastic, sick, wicked, killer, tight, and cool.
That was a gnarly jump!
by Heather M. July 11, 2005
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A totally fucking extreme badass. usually wearing a leather jacket and smoking while leaning up against a dirty brick wall...Heavy metal face melting solo's follow the Gnarly everywhere they go.
Riley Gnarley

Did you see Riley (Gnarly) the other day? He was looking fucking rad propped up against that dirty brick wall taking deep drags from his unfiltered marlboro cigarette while playing DS using a fucking 357 magnum as a stylus. Heavy metal guitar solos just seemed to emanate from his very being.

Last night things got pretty real when he lost at Mario. He threw that fucker to the ground and unloaded a whole fucking clip into it with his golden deagle.
by Tcore, Captain C2 February 24, 2009
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A protruding knot on a tree.
holy shit man, that wave has some gnarly trees in it.
by dedoublya February 02, 2003
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really ended a fillion years ago.
then the hippie's started using it.
and hey, look it.
i'm using it now too.
"that's gnarly, mon"
by sara March 13, 2005
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ugly, knotted and twisted feet not suitable for sandals or any open toed shoe.
chick had gnarly feet, i bet she uses them to climb trees.
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
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