if something is gnarly, it is so cool it almost makes you inclined to say "yessssss!" and/or perform "air guitar" , "raise the horns", hi-5's etc.
"hey dude, that concert was GNARLY! woooo!
by Ashlee Sykora November 13, 2006
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its the new cool it really just describes anything that you think is awesome it has to be pretty far out to be gnarly but it is used virtually for everything
that was one gnarly trick
what a gnarly sunset
by indzz April 18, 2006
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Super awsome, most dank, sexy,make you want to kill a goat with your feet crazy. On the offical "Fonzie Coolomatic Cool Rating Machince" the Fonzie macine rates your from -10 Fonzie's or simply put 10 Chachi Arcola's. And goes all the way to 10 Fonzie's. Gnarly means at least 15 fonzies, putting the "Fonzie meter" into the red and is know as Uber Fonzie.
Timothy S. Rathbun: "Dude did you go to the party last night?"
Brian L Strunck: "Yeah and guess who showed up and 5 mins later the cops came?"
Timothy S Rathbun: "Had to be Amy Spencer, the most gnarly chick in the L.H."
Brian L Strunck: "Right on Maverick."
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Extremely beautiful; heaven-like. Slang word used most often by surfers to describe the weather and beach conditions; or to describe a wave.
The surf was gnarly on Satty.
I caught a gnarly in the arvo.
by Daniel April 29, 2003
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used to describe something.

in skateboarding, something is gnarly if its difficult because its dangerous. things like skating on rough surfaces at high speeds and heights are considered gnarly. see EX1 below.

however, outside of skating it's used as a word to describe good and bad things alike. see EX2.
EX1: i saw this kid trying to nollie feeble that rough 15-set ledge... he ended up wrecking cause of the gravel at the landing and the darkness, but the 5th he nailed it! the whole thing was so gnarly...

EX2: i won the lottery! that's gnarly! yaaaay!
by karl February 28, 2005
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Slang for something sick, nasty, distasteful, unpleasant, or gross.
I seen your fat mom shop at Marshalls for the past three Sundays lookin' gnarly." - Prof "Rules
by lucyrae August 30, 2010
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When u ride your skateboard to walmart and on the way there you: backside flip el toro, knock over zimm with a baseball batt, front feeble ry,millers mom, hippie gap tory back over the border, frontside 5-0 with pat at 2nd nd girard, shred the waves with dave, and then when u get to walmart allie will be working there and u will faint casue her eyes are so rad then ull get ur sticker and leave the on the way home u stop at wawa and get some orange drink and nosegrind seanmaries left big toe.
Dude let's go fishing then go gnarly.
by propst3r January 2, 2008
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