When u ride your skateboard to walmart and on the way there you: backside flip el toro, knock over zimm with a baseball batt, front feeble ry,millers mom, hippie gap tory back over the border, frontside 5-0 with pat at 2nd nd girard, shred the waves with dave, and then when u get to walmart allie will be working there and u will faint casue her eyes are so rad then ull get ur sticker and leave the on the way home u stop at wawa and get some orange drink and nosegrind seanmaries left big toe.
Dude let's go fishing then go gnarly.
by propst3r January 2, 2008
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awesome, in a twisted way, used to describe tricks or other things by skater dudes
man, that half-pipe was ga-narlee
by sk8rb0y May 26, 2003
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ugly, knotted and twisted feet not suitable for sandals or any open toed shoe.
chick had gnarly feet, i bet she uses them to climb trees.
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
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A adjective that expressive a postive while sounding negative.
Similar to asstastic, sick, wicked, killer, tight, and cool.
That was a gnarly jump!
by Heather M. July 11, 2005
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