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To stick a toe into an oriface. Usually the anal or vaginal oriface.
Did you hear about Duffy? Yeah he toed his mom!
by Pimpy C September 21, 2005
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The act of sticking a Toe up one's ass.
I was getting pissed off at Derek and I said "DATS IT, I'm gonna Toe you now"
by Zac James June 01, 2004
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A basketball idiom meaning to overstep someone's boundaries in a negative and/or illegal way. Violation of another player's space.

e.g. getting away with a moving screen, flopping, and driving with an elbow/shoulder.

Can also be used to describe an attitude of reckless abandon during a game.
"You seriously just toe'd me!?"
"Don't toe me bro"
"Oh I'm so toe'd up now!"
by BalticBeerBear August 08, 2019
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I was really TOed by his picking his nose in the front of class.
by buRgErGirl15292 December 01, 2010
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The act laying on ones stomach and of inserting both of ones toes into anothers anal cavity and lifting both legs in unison in a upwards motion lifting the subject.
Tony looked at Becky sexually and said do you wanna get toed later ;)!
by The_degenerate94 January 15, 2019
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