Describes something that is showy without much substance.
"I heard that kid is going to lead us to a championship."
"Naw, man; that kid is all glitz."

The hotshot lawyer was nothing but glitz; he sounded impressive but wasn't saying anything important.
by QDub935 May 24, 2007
Michele was glitzed, that night when she found the blinking chocolate starfish.
by Anti-Trend-Inc. January 31, 2005
1.(v)To ejaculate.
1. I got overly excited and I glitzed myself.
2. I got glitz all over her new bedspread.
by John M. Sinise August 21, 2008
Being incredibly intoxicated. A step up from 'slizzed', to be glitzed is to be so wasted it is as if you are looking at the world through a kaleidoscope.
Person 1: "Oh my god, look at John stumbling everywhere!"
Person 2: "Man, he's completely glitzed."
by bobfuckinghope August 26, 2011
“getting glitzed” refers to the unholy act of being violated in a consensual way.
getting glitzed”
“that boy just got glitzed”
i’m glitzing people tonight”
by glynrhondda November 11, 2022
J.A. had fun glitzing with her friends out at the bar last night!
by Frogman1234 September 4, 2011
A weapon that can be used in a robbery or an exstortion that forces the victim to give up all the worldly goods they possess as to avoid physical contact with the weapon itself or whomever may have it in there possession....Usaully a huge shiney knife or a gun of large caliber that inspires awe at the sight of it.
I pulled the glitz getter and everyone started tossing jewelry in the bag....
by Spyke Vicious S.Vicious February 8, 2010