Someone who is so utterly confused about every little thing said to them.
Joe: “have you seen my homework papers?”
Karen: “we have homework?”
Joe: “Yeah, where are my papers?”
Karen: “WE HAD PAPERS?!”
Joe: “Jesus lord..Why are you so dumbfounded all the time..”
by Carlss..anthem January 1, 2020
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Used to define something so horribly stupid and dumb, to the point it isn't even funny.
Syd: Dude that kid actually thought you played for Bodom.
Kraig: I'm not really surprised, I always believed that kid was pathetically dumbfounded. This just proved my point.
by Rawr ! February 11, 2005
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- To be greatly astonished or surpised.
Me:The things you say are dumbfounded.

Friend: I'm not dumb!

Me: Well I wasn't saying you were, I was saying the things you said are showing that you are astonished at unimpressive things. Now I'm saying you're dumb.
by It'sAnonymouse March 30, 2018
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When you feel so fucking you don’t know what to do.

You don’t know shit.
I’m dumbfound on your idea to use the car on earth day.

I’m dumbfound on the revolutionary war.
by WOW 🍭 March 25, 2019
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