A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument with two or more reflecting surfaces tilted to each other in an angle, so that one or more (parts of) objects on one end of the mirrors are seen as a regular symmetrical pattern when viewed from the other end, due to repeated reflection. The reflectors (or mirrors) are usually enclosed in a tube, often containing on one end a cell with loose, colored pieces of glass or other transparent (and/or opaque) materials to be reflected into the viewed pattern. Rotation of the cell causes motion of the materials, resulting in an ever-changing view being presented.

2. another ending from tattletail
TIME to get the kaleidoscope ending from tattletail :D
by ‌ May 25, 2020
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1) A little scope u look into to see a variety of swirling colours.

2) LSD and stoner vision.
If you can't afford a kaleidoscope- smoke some weed and you;ll enjoying it all night long.
by RANDOM DUDE November 22, 2004
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A silly sally who cuts you off and clearly has no idea how to drive. This person has likely had slurpies and bread rolls thrown at them for sucking at life and probably doesn't have a license either.
Piss out your ass, you fucking kaleidoscope!
by Battoo May 19, 2008
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When a guy cums in a hoe's eye, causing her not to see clearly, but seeing multiple of the same images, therefore giving her a kaleidoscope effect. bust a nut
When hunter busted a nut in that bitch's face she saw multiple of him hence the kaleidoscope effect. money shot cum eyes
by simple-ty November 8, 2009
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Having sex while on Ambien. The haziness of the narcotic creates an ephemeral experience during sex.
Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel loved Kaleidoscoping: Uchitel told one pal, 'You know you have crazier sex on Ambien — you get into that Ambien haze. We have crazy Ambien sex.'" That's Kaleidoschoping.
by Friend of hungo gloots November 16, 2010
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When a man ejaculates in his sex partners eye.
"Why is she wearing an eye patch?"
"I totally pulled a kaleidoscope on her last night."
by AsHaSauR March 25, 2010
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The Effect Of Spinning Around (i.e, Playing Dizzy ducks) Rather Quickly Around Midnight, Or A Dark Time, And Looking Into The Sky, You Get Really Dizzy And You Can See The Veins At The Back Of Your Eyes, The Sky, Or Anything You Look At, Becomes Kaleidoscopic.
Dizzy Person1 - Can You See That?
Dizzy Person2 - Yeah, You've Gone Kaleidoscopic!
by Kate[Kaleidoscopic] February 16, 2009
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