A British epithet. Usually pronounced blinkin'.
JP: "I was trying to make you smile the other night and you wouldn't smile! I wanted to slap your face!

Me: (thinking) You just try to slap my face and see what happens! I will knock your blinking block off!
by Hallie Corson October 6, 2004
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what an incredibly idiotic person says when trying to say blinging or bling-bling.
"that necklace is blinking, dude!" or, "you're heavy on the blink-blink today!!!"
by blinging chick April 15, 2003
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Something so unbelievable, it requires two blinks to be certain what you, me, we are seeing.
Don't blink, blink or you'll surely miss it. >:z
by dr. toofess April 13, 2013
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Used to describe something that is broken or malfunctioning, usually in reference to electronics.
Sweet! My wife's vibrator is on the blink again! Guess who's back in the saddle, baby? WOOHOO!!
by GargamelPrime June 20, 2009
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The fandom name of blackpink ( korean girl group) formed by yg entertainment is blink.
Im a blink! I really love blackpink 💗
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BLINK is the fandom name of Korean girl group BLACKPINK formed by YG entertainment.
Fan: I am a BLINK
Anti: What is a BLINK?
Fan: BLINK is the fandom group of BLACKPINK.
by TwiceTrash1881 February 8, 2019
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