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A British epithet. Usually pronounced blinkin'.
JP: "I was trying to make you smile the other night and you wouldn't smile! I wanted to slap your face!

Me: (thinking) You just try to slap my face and see what happens! I will knock your blinking block off!
by Hallie Corson October 05, 2004
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A: What are you doing tonight?
B: idk, probably blinking all night?
A: Won't that get boring after a while?
B: No, Blink ROCKS! :D
by Blinkmaster September 29, 2009
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When a poor internet connection prevents a user from maintaining a consistent status on a persistent online service, such as a chat program.
I was trying to chat with you on facebook, but you kept blinking on and off again.
by yakob_twj April 06, 2010
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The combination of Blogging and Drinking.

The act of Blogging (while Drunk,) including details you probably wouldn't reveal if you were sober.
Can you believe what Zero posted on the Jagged Spiral blog? He *must* have been blinking!

I always go back the next day and read my blog posts after a night of heavy blinking.
by Conrad Zero May 07, 2008
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