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When the crack you attack is the track in the back.
If you need an example of what anal sex is...your too young to read this.
by DonnieLee August 06, 2006

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A turf monster is an invisible creature that lives beneath the Artificial turf in several football stadiums. When a player is carrying the ball in open field, the turf monster will occasionally trip up the ball carrier and stop the play. He does not discriminate between teams, offense or defense, or ethnicity.
Chris Burman "He's at the 50...the 40... No one can tackle him...until the turf monster says hello."
by DonnieLee August 14, 2006

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An Italian slum, plain and simple.
When luigi lost his bank roll at the craps' table, he had to move to the spaghetto.
by DonnieLee November 19, 2006

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To unintentionally and unknowingly call someone with your cell phone redial/speedial because you did not lock your keypad and the exposed buttons were pressed by keys in the pocket, by sitting on your phone, etc... Costly mistake if it's a long distance call. Preventable by using flip phones.
Jack: What up bro?
John: nuttin..you called me earier?
Jack: Not that I know of...wait a minute...oh sorry dude I musta ghost called ya.
by DonnieLee September 11, 2006

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Newfoundland term. The long form of Giv'er...It signifies authorization, acknowledgement, permission, agreement, or "Go". "Give it to her" is spoken to the individual until they understand the meaning clearly and then the shorter Giv'er can be spoken instead. Failure to folow this rule may result in miscommunication and expose you to perils that come with it. It in no way shape or form, signifies blessing to fuck a female unless that motion had been previously implied. See examples 4 and 5

1..Person 1"Can I have a beer bro?"
Person 2 "Give it to her."

2.. "Wait for a sec, there's a car comming...Wait....and Give it to her".

3.."I'm gonna go score some skunk".
"Give it to her"
4.."I'm gonna pick up your sister from work."
"Give it to her." Means pick her up but do not touch her!
5..I'm gonna stick my dick in you ex's mouth
"give it to her" means you have my permission/blessing
by DonnieLee August 07, 2006

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Asking someones opinion on an either/or situation and doing the exact opposite of their advice.
Shirley has horrible taste in clothes, ask her for her nopinion and she if she likes that bathing suit. If she does then don't buy it.
by DonnieLee October 17, 2007

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Adjective: The corporate Dog Fucker at work. You know, the guy who wastes time, fucks up stuff, stands around and scratches himself, and basically makes everyones life harder at work because he hates his job so he's not going to do anything that helps someone else. A very negative term.
That Scratcher Paul is never ready when I go to pick him up in the morning.

by DonnieLee August 06, 2006

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