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"For the boys" a term used to describe why an action is or should be performed. Can be loosely added to the end of almost any sentence.
Get some hot women over for the boys

Guy to Girl: Cant you just touch my penis for the boys.


Swing us your test answers for the boys

Student: Miss did you enjoy my field report?
Teacher: Umm it was quite..*cut off mid-sentence*
Student: An "A" for the boys?

Can't you just wait on the rent for another week for the boys?

Can't we just forget about those murder charges for the boys?

Can you make an urban dictionary definition for the boys?
by caaaambo April 22, 2009
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A hockey slang meaning, to live and die for the boys, The basis on which hockey is formed, if you are "for the boys" you do all it takes to make your friends happy, always atay away from the boys girls unless permission is givin.
Al said he'd drive to pick up the girls, He's for the boys.
by HockeyGoon39 January 23, 2016
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Someone who is always down for his male peers. He supports and joins any and all shenanigans that may be brought up.
Matt: did you hear Scott wants to cancel going to Vegas?
Jacob: yeah he's totally not down for the boys.
by The Vulture February 22, 2017
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For the boys is not only a mentality it's a way of life. It's a combination of bros before hoes, snitches get stitches, and just generally keeping a secret. If a guy confides something in you, or you know something about one of the boys that he has chosen not to share, it's none of your business to rat him out. It also implies that you will NEVER take one of the other boys girls. As I said it's a mentality.
"Yo guess what i heard about robby"
"bro if he doesn't wanna tell us I don't wanna know thats not For the Boys."
by thesnakeman42 September 25, 2013
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often misused by lesser creatures of Zyclon B, 'for the boys' can be flopped onto any sentence as required.

in msn conversations, "ftb" will suffice
blowies for the boys

KG Slapper: How are you today Jackson?
Jackson: Did you hear about my hatrick of dates for the boys?
KG Slapper: Yeh, everyone's been talking about it.
Jackson: Don't you reckon Japanese people aren't asian for the boys?
KG Slapper: Well sure I guess, you did claim a hatrick.
Jackson: Oh, and other big news, I got backhanded for the boys.
KG Slapper: I'm not fucking surprised haha.
(throws him down stairwell) for the boys

Hasto: Any cake for the boys.

Hasto: Canteen queue's a bit long for the boys

Hasto: Mr Morrow. So I'm not actually on an A for chem.
Mr Morrow: no that was a typo
Hasto: that's no good for the boys
Mr Morrow: your whole life is a typo for the boys

by greentable69 April 26, 2009
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to take a hit (usually) for a/the greater good, can be noble in nature
Brains McTrust: Hey, I heard that McLeader will close the school in the case there is a confirmed case of swine flu.
Big V: Yea, Hasto's working on it for the boys.
Brains McTrust: Oh, really? Isn't swine flu fatal?
Big V: Yea, but it's for the boys...
by napan987 June 03, 2009
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When a male feels obliged to give something back to his group of lads by practicing some form of self harm or humiliation. A physical expression of the art of banter.
Male 1: Mate! Drink this cup of unknown fluid!
Male 2: Err mate, I dunno...
Male 1: Come on, come on... For the Boys.
Male 3,4,5,6 etc: Yeah mate do it, don't be a pussy.
Male 2: Oh, alright then, for the Boys.
by Ladsladsladslads123 October 17, 2013
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