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Low income children who live in poor urban neighborhoods with high crime rates. They usually congregate in the middle of the street to do whatever it is they do, sometimes blocking traffic.
Look at all these friggen ghetto kids in the street, they better move out of my way.
by Adrock July 14, 2004
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To have sex with a female. ie give her the cock, slip her the sausage, etc.
Man, look at Stacey, I wanna give her the steak.
by Adrock July 17, 2004
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To put your penis in the anus of an unsuspecting female partner. This trick works best while the female is on top. While she is riding you, grab the base of your shaft with one hand and thrust it in and out of her vagina quickly, then quickly, on the next inward thrust, aim it right for her browneye, and voila!
Dude I was railin' Julie last night, and I gave her the old slip trick.
by Adrock July 17, 2004
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to receive head, rather than loose it
see blow job

During my break from work, I was capitated by the cashier with the lazy eye.
During my break from work, I was capitated by the cashier with the lazy eye.
by Adrock March 07, 2004
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A dimebag; $10 worth of marijuana
Yo, let's go grab a dimmy from that dude down the street.
by Adrock June 29, 2004
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An individual whos computer skills and knowledge of science fiction shows are bolsterd by his lack of sexual prowess and dress sense. They are generally picked on by everyone with a social standing.
Hampered by acne, a breaking voice, glasses so thick they can see through time and less muscle tome than a McChicken nugget the nerd is very rarely seen with a bird or any member of the female persuasion besides their mother.
Will hate jocks and other popular people, resenting them for thier social achievement and the fact that some can be intelligent with out having thier waistband above thier nipples.
"Oh christ, those damn nerds are playing dungeons and dragons in the library again."
"No, I don't want to go to Star Trek convention, it's full of nerds."
by ADrock April 29, 2004
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1. A Toyota engine. The 4A DOHC block found in the Corolla GTS or MR2.
2. A car with this engine.
I think I might pimp the twinkie tonight.
by Adrock August 29, 2005
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