A word that is used for a girl that is supa fine. Like really really fine. Unless you are Quagmire and and think everything is hot.
"Wow, there is Elizabeth, Giggity Giggity!"
by Sweet T July 9, 2004
Expressing the fact that you like how a female presents herself.
by roc September 24, 2004
Originally coined by Quagmire in the humorous cartoon Family Guy. It can be used to make any conversation either perverted or creepy. It can also be used when you see a hottie.
Girl: "I smell, I need a shower!"
Guy: "Giggity giggity."
People: "Awe, man, you sick!"


Girl: Hey, look at that hottie!
Me: Giggity giggity.
by Kr1574 September 15, 2008
the catch phrase used by Quagmire on Family Guy.

It's a verbal simulation of masturbating.

giggity giggity goo = stroke stroke spew
by supper's ready April 11, 2009
a unit of measurement to quantify the amount of pornographic images, video, and data contained one's computer.
Don: "Man, my laptop is running slow!"
Glenn: "That's because you have way too many giggity giggity bytes of porn on it."
by ryatellsastory January 31, 2015
the deffintion means that of gettin it on or liking what you see in the oppisite sex.
I giggity giggity goo with her often.
by christopher6996 February 22, 2008
When two or more people are laplickers engaging in tntercourse
Person 1: What are they doing in the back?

Person 2: Do you mean cecily,sydney and them? Oh they are giggity giggity gooering.
Person 1: Oh.
by TheBadGirlie. August 3, 2009