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A delicious, rare, quivering cup of coffee with Italian cream inside. Its flavor is bold yet sweet, and a little sour. Contains nearly as much caffeine as espresso. It is very expensive and can be found exclusively in New Jersey.
& it tastes great with baked ziti!
Mmmmmmmmmm, I just had me the most delicious cup of krista EVER! Now where's my baked ziti at?
by Kr1574 July 25, 2009
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"Gaah, the sky is so so opressive and blue!"
- My sister mimicking my whining mother.
by Kr1574 July 21, 2008
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The main phone used in a McDonald's restaurant. It is usually half-dead, coated in grease, and lost. Therefore, every McDonald's employee must have their own cell phone.
McDonald's Manager: Damnit! Where's the phone?! I can hear it ringing! WHO USED IT LAST?!
Mcployee: You mean the McPhone? I think it's in the fried chicken rack.
And it is.
by Kr1574 July 21, 2008
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"Fat" in Turkish, yet also "gay" backwards. Therefore, yaG can stand for either fat, or gay, or both. Amazing.
Shutup, yaG man!
by Kr1574 August 10, 2009
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Eating a girl out while she is driving. A difficult feat, yet possible with lots of maneuvering.
Guy: I got some road takeout with my girlfriend last night...
Other Guy: Really? What'd ya get?
Guy: Anchovies and tacos.
by Kr1574 July 2, 2009
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A guy who wants to be a player but sucks at playing girls. He usually tries way too hard often to no success to attract the ladies and is a total pussball. He uses cheesy-ass pickup lines and tries to sweet talk girls into wanting to get with him with phrases that sound like he copped them out of a bad 90's pop song.
Also usually a complete, total idiot.

P.S. A real player makes it seem effortless, and is only corny when necessary.
This pathetic fool (Over text messages):
"Trust me baby, ull get alot of pleasure outa me, ull never want me to go home"
"Pleasure, but baby u dont have to worry, how can i say this... Umm u call the shots, il be here to care, love, and anything u want, as long as u want it, if u want something u got it, if u dont i dont go no farther, U have my promise"
"I wont let u down beautiful. I care for hearts, i dont break'em, and im true to my word, im not like other guys, i dont think women are just things to hump, i respect women and have no problem doin so."

Me: Goodnight, good luck with high school. (I just graduated, this idiot's a Junior)

Him: "Hahaha thanks baby, so are u really into me?"
"Cuz baby, im really diggin u"
"Goodnight babygirl"
"Goodmorning hun"
*I ignore him*
"Hey baby"
"I really like u kr1574... I really do, and i wana treat u right, and if i have to wait i will. I wana see u, but i do have to work, lets make a date, sunday, just u and me, and il treat u. I wana show u im ur type of guy."

Me: "Frankly i dont think we should. Your not my type of guy."

Him: "Wat u mean?"

Me: "Your not strong enough to handle a girl like me"

Him: "Yes i am! I can prove it! Just give me the chance"
"Just trust me, i can handle u, trust me"

Me: "Well i have seen you w that other bitch so you should be fine"

Him: "Shes not my type, and she lies too much. Please just give me the chance, id surprise u"

Me: "I will think about it"

Him: "Im full of surprises, i wont let u down baby,"

Me: "Thats what im talkin about. I dont like the sweet talking. Its not a game to me. And you said that to me the other night so your not very surprising."

Him: "Its not a game to me. I want u, i want ur body, i wana get with u."
"So lets rock it baby, lemme blow ur mind"

Especially if she tells you to stop saying cheesy-ass shit to her and you continue to do so with Nsync lyrics! WTF!

I wanted to bitch this wannabe player out, but if I opened my mouth, the meanest things ever would have poured out because I have so much to bitch at him about!
Guys: Keep it to a minimum, for real!
by Kr1574 July 2, 2009
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Someone so unattractive that it totally turns you off, AKA makes you lose your boner.
On SNL, "Hilary Clinton" called herself a boner shrinker.

I was getting so horny checking out a hot underwear model the other day- then a guy so ugly walked in that I was completely incapable of staying aroused. What a boner shrinker.
by Kr1574 October 17, 2008
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