Quagmire, from the series "Family Guy", says this whenever he refers to sex.
Lowis: "Hey Peter, go get something from the concession stand, I need something to suck on."
Quagmire: "How old are you?"
Cheerleader: "Uhh, sixteen."
Quagmire: "Eighteen? Alright"
Cheerleader: "Moooooooom!"
Quagmire: "I like where this is going, GIGGITY GIGGITY, GIG, IT, EE."
by giggity December 5, 2005
A reaction to a hot woman. A reference to sex.
Many people believe the term was coined by Quagmire from Family Guy, but it was in fact used by Breckin Meyer's character, Walter in the 1998 film, Can't Hardly Wait.
(sees hot woman) "giggity giggity!"
"i had sex with your girlfriend last night, giggity giggity!"
by giggitynotquagmire July 9, 2013
a word used in the popular tv series family guy. the origin of this word is from colombia equador and brazil, latino women took this word from a traveling white man who came from city to city (doing wat he does best) the word giggity giggity defused from white to latino and is used today as a corny tv joke.
how old are you?
oh your 18 sweet
giggity giggity
by billybong123 January 29, 2010
"Oh look homez, ders a hot chika alla."
OMG she is! giggity giggity 3x `
by homez.com May 15, 2009
a term meaning oh yeah, I'm gonna score!! Term mostly use by Glen from Family Guy.
Giggity Giggity Giggity! Hehe o right! Home By 8, in bed by 11! :)
by Maggot666 February 18, 2005
The term that Quagmire from the series "Family Guy" uses whenever he's talking about sex.
by Katopolis March 4, 2005
Peter Griffin: Quagmire, did you hit that last night?

Quagmire: Giggity-Giggity!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 29, 2008