A retarded word made up from the sound of a dog vomiting.
Gary-yo, wanna hear a joke?
Josh-sure, why not
Gary-giggity giggity goo!
Josh- Gary i will snap your fucking neck
by _the_urban_goose_ January 11, 2022
Phrase is said when the uncontrollable urge to completely fucking destroy someone with all your parts takes over.
"Hey Dad, can we go to the park?"
"Sure honey, Giggity Giggity."
by sapnu puas pls July 12, 2022
The term that Quagmire from the series "Family Guy" uses whenever he's talking about sex.

Giggity-giggity is a (slang) that means uncountable sexual intercourse throughout thoughts and feelings normally related to sex.
Oh my look at miss Janet's credit card she maxed out on dildo's, Jack the Amazon store advisor for sales says to his Co-workers.

The thoughts the word "Dildo"brought to your head is giggity-giggity
by Mr beckford May 13, 2020