A cooler word for "holmes" which is in itself, short for homie.
sup homez?

christ lopez is my homez
by aferg January 12, 2010
A cooler word for "homes" which is in itself, short for homie.
'Sup homez?
What's doin' homez?
Homez is so much cooler then homes.
by Byron-Joey October 28, 2007
1 a hand gesture, most typically characterized by the extension of the ring and middle finger into a pseudo peace sign, with the back of the hand facing the recipient of said sign; also frequently accompanied by the application of a crooked smile on the signaler’s face
2 a name or nickname, often self-given and exclusively used by the individual, in reference to oneself
3 the act of ending written and verbal messages with a single misspelled word of blessing, followed by any desired number
4 the embodiment of any or all of such habits and characteristics
1 He often takes pictures in his signature homez.
2 “Why the hell does he call himself Homez?”
3 He was very fond of ending his letters to his mother with a homez.
4 “Stop being such a homez!”
pull a homez informal performing any of the actions mentioned above : He was pulling a homez.
by JeffyZai November 27, 2007
true homiez stick togetha foe life!
i lluuvv my wiffee amanda the truest homie!
by vannerz March 11, 2003
A girl born and raised in Texas with career as a singer/actor on Disney Channel. Named the one and only girl on Disney who hasn't gone mad or turned into a complete slut like the others (ex.Miley Cyrus, Cheetah girls, Demi Lovato etc..) Seems perfect, is a good role model and has terrible taste in clothing. 18 years old and is one of Hollywoods #1 and supposingly "cutest" puma (young cougar) due to her sexual relationship with Justin Bieber while they both refuse to admit it. Pictures of her and Justin surfaced on the internet of them out on a walk, holding hands and kissing on a vacation with him feeling up her booty. Even though all of this evidence points to them having a relationship she still claims that they are just "good friends" and that he is like a "little brother" to her. Well, I wouldn't let my brother kiss me and feel my booty anyday, nor would I go around and mak w/ just anybody who I was "just friends" with. Though she's been through 3 relationships that we know about already (Taylor Lautner, Nick Jonas, David Henrie) I still believe she is an amazing person, but needs 2 watch what she's doing before she AND Justin get all these crazy fan girls mad because of their denial and lies to there fans who they claim to love. BTW she should stick to acting, because her voice isn't that great.
Girl 1:OMG!! Did you see those pics of Justin & Selena!!! STUPID BITCH!!

Girl 2 : I KNOW!! This is worse than Jasmine Whoreleggas who can't close her leggas!! Gosh, I wish Justin would stop jumping from girl 2 girl, its driving me mad.

Girl 1: Tell me about it *sharpens pitchfork* ok sister Biebette, lets go kill Selena Homez.

Bunch of Beliebers: ONWARD!!!!
by heyy_its_another_girl February 19, 2011