Doing one thing, get sidetracked by two other things, then spending some time in the bosses office, never finishing the original item.
Damn I can't get anything done, I got Meyered. Why do my knees and butt hurt?
by Meyer Lover July 16, 2010
The richest farmers in the world.
God, do you see those Meyers and their new pickups?
by Sven Svedal September 19, 2006
An EXTREMELY lit guy who loves to get fucked up and gets a shit ton of pussy.
Ever since that meyer showed up this party has been fucking awesome!
by MRS ripley May 27, 2019
Meyer is so handsome
Meyer is so handsome
by Reyem gnahc September 23, 2018
Meyer: Verb (mah-yer)
To stand around and continue to move conversation, not allowing one to leave when they would like.
It took them 30 minutes to leave the restaurant because they kept meyering, talking at the table, by the door and by their cars.
by vertigo89711 October 10, 2010
to be left behind; especially when a parent forgets or looses a child in the public sphere.

A variation on mired, but specific to people. Word was first used after a child named Meyer was left behind by parents in Sag Harbor, NY in 2015 and was taken in by good samaritans also with the name Meyer until his parents returned.
That kid got meyered in Sag Harbor today.

Walk faster you don't want to get meyered!
by icemomma June 19, 2021