A short monkey looking fellow who has a tendency to use steroids. Its believed that glen has a small penis and an erectile dis function as a result of the steroids
Glen a shorter fellow with facial hair and monkey tendencies.
by hdhdhfhdjhsbdbd August 26, 2022
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An all around awesome man. He's a gentleman to everyone he meets. He would do anything to help a friend. He can be quite hard headed and stubborn but is always lovable. A Glen is also the best lover you will ever find. He can be romantic, hot, wild, and gentle all in the same moment.
Every woman needs a Glen to keep her warm at night.
by TigressLady February 4, 2010
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He is so Glen
That's Glen
by CatButtFever August 14, 2018
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An Awesome guy with a huge schlong and knows how to tap that ass he is he definition of sexy and eats only pussy for breakfast lunch and dinner
Glen has the biggest dick around and girls love it!
by Steven Washington December 27, 2014
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Hard Headed Asshole Who Yells At Everybody. Usually a money hungry fucked. Also is very needy sometimes.
Don't be a "glen"
by TwoHeadedSped69 May 5, 2018
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The name "Glen" (or "Glenn") means "valley dweller" or "from the valley". It is derived from the Gaelic "gleann" and Welsh "glynn", meaning "valley".
Glen was born in a glen, so we named him Glen.
by GlenCallenderUFA March 24, 2009
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