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An all around awesome man. He's a gentleman to everyone he meets. He would do anything to help a friend. He can be quite hard headed and stubborn but is always lovable. A Glen is also the best lover you will ever find. He can be romantic, hot, wild, and gentle all in the same moment.
Every woman needs a Glen to keep her warm at night.
by TigressLady February 04, 2010
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An Awesome guy with a huge schlong and knows how to tap that ass he is he definition of sexy and eats only pussy for breakfast lunch and dinner
Glen has the biggest dick around and girls love it!
by Steven Washington December 26, 2014
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The name "Glen" (or "Glenn") means "valley dweller" or "from the valley". It is derived from the Gaelic "gleann" and Welsh "glynn", meaning "valley".
Glen was born in a glen, so we named him Glen.
by GlenCallenderUFA March 24, 2009
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By day, a normal man, but when the sun goes down, a beast, half crazy drunken mexican, half manicallly depressed clown. During parties he'll show up and be gentlemanly but then shall get drunken and angry, punching faces and sticking his abnormal tongue out in a frantic rage.

This being said, you still love him because he's a BOSS
There are no examples, for those who have encountered a Glen shall never tell the tail, be they dead or too crunk to remember anything.
by Fanzo August 26, 2011
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Overall Awesome, Down to earth, pretty smexy, and irreplaceable. especially, if she is a redhead ;P

Also can be used to express being stylish.
Omg glen! you look amazing!!
Wow, you're glenning it today, arent you?
You're such a glen =)
by nightsky22 March 29, 2011
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only the skettiest vodka around. upon drinking one may experience doing some pretty dodgy things, eg. shaving off certain body hair, or doing certain sexual things one normally wouldn't.
however unlike other alcoholic beverages you do it in a very weird way making every single thing you do that night memorable to even the most wasted of your friends.
side effects of the drink also include small blisters on the tongue , and the worlds worst hangovers.
all in all the medicine for a good night.
"OMG did you hear what she did last night ! she shaved her pubes with her friends dads razor "
"was she on the glens ? "
by FMLCrammo November 20, 2008
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