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you shave your pubic hair and keep it in your hands during intercourse, then when you ejaculate on the girls face and throw your pubic hair at her and thus making a monkey face.
"Yo bro i gave Niya a Monkey Face last night "
by giggity December 18, 2014
Quagmire, from the series "Family Guy", says this whenever he refers to sex.
Lowis: "Hey Peter, go get something from the concession stand, I need something to suck on."
Quagmire: "How old are you?"
Cheerleader: "Uhh, sixteen."
Quagmire: "Eighteen? Alright"
Cheerleader: "Moooooooom!"
Quagmire: "I like where this is going, GIGGITY GIGGITY, GIG, IT, EE."
by giggity December 5, 2005