Person 1: have you ever heard of Peter griffin

Person 2: ya he is a very funny man
by Böì October 22, 2020
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The most epic man on planet earth from the hit show Family guy. Which such catchphrases as “Hey Lois” and “Frickin sweet”
Peter Griffin: This is worst then the time I insert cutaway gag. Ehehehehehheheh
by MUGlol69 October 1, 2021
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Main character from the hit show Family Guy. Resides in Quahoq, Rhode Island (Formerly known as Petoria.) Husband to Lois Griffin with three children: Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Extremely rude, vulgar man with strict views on the world. Resides in his own un-defined state of mind.
They got a chair that frea-kin' talks, Holy Crap!
by LordRemus November 1, 2004
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Someone who thinks they are a genius, but are, in fact, mentally retarded.
Peter Griffin: I am a genius! In your face Brian! I'm a g-e-a-n-y-i-s!
Brian: No, actually you're not. Actually Peter, it says here that you're mentally retarded.
Peter: I'm mentally re-what-ed? Brian, I'm a genius!
Brian: No Peter, you're a retard.
Stewie: Brian's right father, you're a retarded man. I'm a damn baby and I'm 1,000 times smarter than you.
Peter: You're just mad that I'm way more smarter than you is.
Brian: You're a fucking retard!
Peter: Wait, what were we talking about again Brian?
by Icy Wyte June 27, 2018
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The absolute best animated character ever. He stars in the absolute best animated show ever, Family Guy. I am obsessed with that show. If anyone disses Family Guy in my presence, I become very, very angry, and generally do things that I later regret.

Peter Griffin lives with his wife, Lois, and his three kids, Chris, Meg and Stewie, in Quahog, Rhode Island (and sometimes Petoria). He works at Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory.

I salute him.
One of Peter Griffin's quotes:

"But still this house is freak-in' sweeeeeeeeeet!!"
by Ben Kenobi May 30, 2005
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