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A sweet,sensitive,girl who can get any guys's attention. She is very mysterious and has eyes that tell her whole story, every guy wants to run his hands through her amazing hair, on the outside you see a gorgeous and innocent girl with full lips but on the inside she is a true sex goddess.
OMG I met this girl last week. I couldn't take my eyes off of her she must have been a Breckin.
by baseballstar124 December 13, 2009
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Sarcasm, often that of a sarcasm that is undetectable. And therefore simply rude.
Dude 1: I have HIV.
Dude 2: That's OK we're both men.
Dude 1: Oh- well I was just joking anyways.
Dude 2: Fuckin' breckin.
by Flugel October 18, 2017
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The type of kid who does not give a shit about anything and couldn't care less.
Breckin I broke my phone
Then go and get a fucking phone at apple you dipshit.

Breckin your grandma got in a car accident.
Well she was old anyway and probably going to die a day later.
by Needy man October 15, 2017
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