Contemplating really hard on the computer for play or work. Trying to solve a massively hard problem on the computer. Doing so many numermous amount of repetitious activities on the computer that you have lost your mind.
What are you up to?

Nada, just giggin.
by rodsterAce November 20, 2002
Excelling at an activity

adj: gigful - something that is the best
past tense: gigged
present tense: gigs
basketball stat: gig - making the crowd say "ooooooo"
you gigged when you hit the last four cups in a row in beirut last night.

pearl jam is gigful.
by Andy Chappell March 21, 2004
refers to a person or group on the dance floor who is seriously shaking it.
The crowd cleared as Randy started giggin' it out on the dance floor. The threat of a dance off filled the air as Venus Hum, Big Beautiful Sky, pumped through the speakers.
by heartbreak kid April 22, 2004
Old School term used in Oakland, California, USA, & other major American urban areas to describe and/or denote a demonstration of a remarkably fun-to-watch, quirky, but groovy, usually solo dance performance, typically used in deference to male demonstration of such dance.
"Dang! White boy was "giggin'"! Translation: The caucasion male performed a remarkably fun-to-watch and obviously fun- to-perform dance maneuver(s)!
by seadawgg February 13, 2010
Most commonly used in the act of "frog giggin". This stands for frog fishing in redneck/ white trash terms. The amount of people giggin doesnt matter, the more people, the more frog legs. Easily accomplished by using a stick.
Jim: hey bob you wanna go giggin?

Bob: Hell yeah Jimmy, let me get my stick!

Jim: Alright, ill get the budweiser.
by Redneck Guy June 14, 2010
to be really excited, happy, or just flat out enjoying life.
Man i just ate penn station and i was giggin at how good them fries was!
by Giggin' January 31, 2009
A term used to describe something that is so good that there is no other term to discribe it. Can be used when describing a person, event, or object.
Almost interchangible with: Cool, Sweet, Hot, Awesome, Smokin', sexy, Bomb, etc.
1."That car is giggin."
2."Look at that girls ass... she's giggin!"
3."Oh man, you brought me a 40...giggin!"
by Chad December 11, 2004