Watch me hum this rock

You absolutely hummed that rock dude
by mrorange12 September 25, 2020
Late 90's post-grunge space rock band that still has a dedicated cult following to this day. Their only big single was "Stars", off of the "You'd Prefer an Astronaut" LP. They made one last LP "Downward is Heavenward" in 2000 and split up.
Hum Kid: Holy shit dude... You listen to HUM!?!
by sleepcomestoeveryone November 12, 2003
Definition: In Laotian terms "Hum" means guys penis. Hum Yai = Big Penis, Hum Noy = Small Penis etc etc
Girl: Hey guy, you got a big ass hum!

Guy: Oh thanks, wanna suck my hum?
by Christina905 December 4, 2007
Hum, something that is thrown so fast it makes a humming noise. anything can be hum'd at some one,Small, Large.. as long as it makes a humming noise
Should I Hum this 24oz can of Hurrican At your Head?
Grab that baseball, and Hum it down range to his Dome!
by Johnathon Dough July 26, 2010
A noise made when eating large mouthfuls of food, as opposed to the sound 'nom' - the sound for nibbling food.
homer simpson - 'hum hum hum, mm doughnuts'
hum hum hum this pizza is so good.
by dookieiswrong July 14, 2009
All-knowing and wise denizen of providing good humor, practical advice, and spiritual enlightenment to the World.
I'm lost -- Just ask Hum!
by Chris April 18, 2005
Horny for cum!
I'm so hum... What the hell does that mean... I'll show you how I can fix it... how???

by THAT"S THE SPOT< YESS February 11, 2019