The message Peter Griffin sees in his cereal.
Brian, there's a message in my Alpha-Bits. It says 'oooooooo'.

Peter, those are Cheerios.
by RHFiend June 26, 2005
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It can be used a "diss"

It is used in gaming and used as a insult, more or less.

1) OOOOOOOOOOOOO, You just got pwnd!

2) OO, You got told!

3) OOOOOO, they are going to get you!

4) Hey henry.
Did you hear your mom last night?
by Unreal Illusions March 2, 2007
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ooo baby i love when u rub me there
by phylis April 26, 2003
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TikTok star Jonathon Mata’s language

Jonathon: OoOoOOo
by Blaxqout June 10, 2020
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To express a sassy comment to hype your friends
Dammm you looking goodt hunniiii

Oooo hunni Go on with your bad self!

Ooooooo hunni

by Ljthepoet November 6, 2021
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An expression intellectuals use when faced with a conflict. Saying this phrase and expressing your concern will evidently increase your IQ by 55 pts.
teacher: "we will be returning the tests at the end of class"
Student; "OOOOOOO shhiiittttt"
by shordymagnet69 February 5, 2019
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In the middle of a Nooooo, you stop, take a breath, then continue.
A: I'm leaving you.
A: ...-_-
by KnickKnack662 7 117 February 28, 2014
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