Giggin does mean "to go stupid dumb on the dancefloor but but i talked to sources who worked with Mac dre and it when you start convulsing after poppin E tooo much and it starts to look like you're dancing.
Baby can you gig, you so crazy when you gig. Ugh she giggin'.
Mac Dre-US open
by Jizzo Fortanel June 27, 2005
When someone iz dancin real hard, and doin it well.
"Aw look at them, they giggin..."
by TajE August 5, 2004
Demeat was giggin hard last night at that party
by big ang May 3, 2005
dancin so hard and hecka tight while doin tha thizz face!!! and you dont care who in yo way
daayum she giggin!!!! backn her ass wit tha thizz oh maaayun. she cud gig fosho
by yayreptillidie August 8, 2005
A dance in which you move you're body to the beat, letting yourself get loose. It often includes various dances such as "the bird" or "the thizz face".
I was giggin so hard last night I broke my neck. YEEEEEE
by thizzmaster2000 January 13, 2009
"baby can u gig, u so crazy when u gig , eww she giggin."

Andre Hicks
by Furly Ghost July 5, 2005
Thizzin', rollin', poppin' some Ecstasy!
Man last night at that club I was giggin' so hard...
by Mistera June 26, 2007