It is the art of watching an excel file while it watches you back, while you are being incredibly unproductive.
I was working on our company's analysis and was excelling at that for many hours!
by malnic May 13, 2021
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A medical condition caused by over usage of the Microsoft application excel.

Symptoms include malfunction of the eyes from prolonged staring at this application and severe anxiety due to inability to rectify application errors such as circular references, amongst others.
User 1: "I can't get this stupid sumif to work in this vlookup because of the stupid pivot table!"

User 2: "Dude, you're suffering from excelitis, take a screen break!"
by Aquaxander January 4, 2008
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Something that is outstanding or very good or used to indicate or describe approval.
Wow, the car is in excellent condition even though it is 15 years old!
by Google Tricks June 19, 2023
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*taps fingertips together*
by Occifer July 23, 2008
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Webster's Dictionary defines "excellence" as "the state or condition of being excellent."
by MasterPrime October 10, 2005
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A word similar to cool or awesome. Usually used to show excitement or enthusiam towards something.
"Wayne's World, Wayne's World. Party time, excellent!"

"That pie was excellent!"

"I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geicko...excellent!"
by blahblahblah293 November 26, 2005
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A perfect example of newspeak, commonly found in the US federal government and frequently found in the same sentence as 'diversity'. Excellence is an intangible noun derived in recent decades from an adjective meaning anything that is not directly in opposition to a mission statement. Basically it is supposed to mean 'good-ness', but better than good, really good. But without any increase in quality of work to back it up. So it can be anything from poor to mediocre to decent to great to outstanding.

In all concrete reality, excellence means nothing, but you'll see it everywhere to describe everything.
"She has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the field of excellence while serving her country during the difficult circumstances administering corrections at Abu Ghraib prison"

"At the Library of Congress we value diversity and excellence, while fostering a compassionate environment of professionals"

"Leadership excellence"

"An environment of excellence"

"Tools of excellence"
by DeskJockey1 May 19, 2010
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